Find your writing voice with Writing in Company. Join with fellow writers in a supportive small group, and see where your words take you. My workshops welcome all who wish to write, all genres of writing, and all experience levels.

Think you aren’t a writer? A writer is simply someone who writes. And everyone is a writer! Maybe you write journal entries, emails to friends and family, or Instagram posts. Maybe you write stories or poems or essays about your life for your own enjoyment.  Maybe you dream about being a published writer but haven’t made time for it. Writing in Company will help you take the next steps.

Already writing and want to write more? Whether you have an established writing practice, have already published, or have hit a wall in your writing, this is a place for you. Give yourself the gift of space, time, and support to develop your craft.

What happens in a workshop? We begin with a prompt to spark ideas. We write in company with one another. We read aloud what we’ve written if we wish. We listen carefully and offer supportive responses. We leave wanting to write more. Read more about what happens in my workshops.

Meet Julie

I began my writing career making handmade books as an eight year-old. Jan and the Jump Rope and Jan’s Bad Day were followed by other unpublished masterpieces.

I scribbled for years in journals, then shelved my own writing to read theology and church history as a seminary student. I’ve been a Presbyterian minister for over 25 years, writing sermons, newsletter articles, devotions, curriculum, and articles for church-related publications. Five years after the death of one of our twin sons, I stepped into a one-day writing workshop for bereaved mothers, and found my personal writing voice again.

A random group of mothers gathered to write about grief, and we have continued to meet for over 15 years. We’ve published a book, Farther Along: The Writing Journey of Thirteen Bereaved Mothers, and a blog. Many of the mothers now help others write to heal.

I’ve been trained and certified to lead writing workshops using the Amherst Writers and Artists method. It’s an incredibly supportive way to play, experiment, dig deep, and grow as a writer. I’ve led writing workshops for bereaved parents, and others for faith groups. I’m interested in providing space for people to write about health issues, family, faith, fiction, or whatever is asking to be explored or transformed with words.

I look forward to writing with you!