Haiku for clementines

Yesterday I made a list of items in my refrigerator. We have an abundance of hummus right now. And we have 7 clementines. I adore clementines. I’m not big on oranges or grapefruits, but I could write poetry about clementines. So I did. Here’s my haiku about the clementines in my fridge:

tiny clementines
my orange bursts of sunshine
all seven are mine

Try writing a haiku about something. Maybe something in your fridge.

The basic structure is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Here’s more about haiku if you want to dig deeper: How to Write Haiku

10 thoughts on “Haiku for clementines”

  1. I like clementines, too! Here’s my try at haiku with cheese as my topic:

    cheese wonderful cheese
    Spread it on bread or crackers
    Sprinkle on pizza

    That was fun, Julie!

  2. Haiku was beyond me today, so how about a rhyme?

    Yesterday, I organized my spices.
    I told my neighbor “Don’t buy any. I have so many.”
    But when she needed poppy seeds and caraway, I found I had none to give away.

  3. Haiku making could be fun
    Which words should I choose
    Clementine, cheese, woodpecker


    The temptation to rhyme fun
    with activity
    outside in beautiful sun…

    1. I love your haikus. I think you invented your own style of 7-5-7 syllables instead of 5-7-5. I like it.

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